Hey, friends! It has been too long since I have written. It has been a roller coaster few days. There is so much to talk about, and I feel really unfocused, so I am going to just start typing.

OK, I am trying to blog and watch American idol at the same time. It’s not working. It was a pretty good night, considering that it was rock night, and none of these singers are rock singers. Here is how I would rate tonight’s performances:

1. Blake – unbelievable. I have never been that cool in my life.
2. Melinda – best singer. I hope she wins. I can’t get enough of her voice.
3. Phil – his performances have gotten better and better.

The other three were ok…not great…tonight.

On to other stuff…

Thanks to everybody who left kind wishes and congratulations last week after the Doves. I am still in shock. Winning a Dove award was something I don’t think I ever considered as a feesible possibility in life. So to say I am grateful is an understatement.

Back to the real stuff…

My kids had their spring musical at church Sunday night. Lily Kate had a solo, and Jack had a very funny speaking part. They did a great job!

And, this past weekend was awesome in Albuquerque. We had a Living Proof Live event there.

I hope the rest of the week is great for you!