OK…it’s time for a new “Favorites” post. I thought of this one for my men’s group this past week. We had a fun time with this. And I laughed literally until I cried at one of the fella’s answers. And of course I am sworn to secrecy.

Here it is: Name a movie (or movies) that you love, but are so embarrassed that you love. Now, I don’t mean that you are embarrassed because it is profane or inapropriate. I mean, embarrassed because it is either so bad, or so stupid, or such a chick flick (as was the case for the guys in my group).

I have too many to list for this one. But the one that comes to mind is “9 to 5. I have no excuse for it. The language is pretty bad. But that movie just makes me laugh. Come on…you know that when Violet is running around the emergency room pushing the wrong girney (is that how you spell that word?)…that is comedy. And don’t get me started on the theme song, or I will be forced to sing every last word to you. I will do it.

OK. Leave me alone about mine. You tell me yours.