I have no business blogging tonight. There is too much to do. I have to get my taxes ready for my tax guy. You know…the tax prep prep. Chances are good I will be pulling an all-nighter tonight or tomorrow, because I hit the dusty trail to Dallas on Thursday morning. (And then on to Cary, NC for a Sunday night concert…NC friends come join us! Details on my website.

Anyway, I am here with a quick rundown of my favorites from Idol tonight. Of course you know I’m giving big ups to my Carolina boy Anoop, who was GREAT tonight. I’m telling you, he would make a great record. He is a very capable singer with a great natural style about his vocals. Rock on, NoopDog. It was a great performance. I was nervous for him on country night. But he pulled it off in a big way.

Where did Kris Allen come from with that performance tonight? Good grief, that was a great vocal. His stock went WAY up tonight. I mean, really. When was the last time we heard such a tender, sincere and strong ballad performance from a male contestant on this show? I guess David Archuleta singing Imagine last year. I think Kris might have been about that good tonight. Or better.

Also great: Matt Giraud. He is a great musician. I am actually starting forget his Coldplay debacle. And Simon is right: he reminds me of Michael Buble, too. He is going to be around for a long time.

Danny Gokey showed a little bit of weakness tonight. Not a great performance; weak verses, overblown choruses. But he is still awesome. He’s not going anywhere. He will come back next week and be back to his stellar self. After he gets back from skiing, of course.

Allison surprised me tonight. I thought she was strong. Maybe even my favorite performance of hers so far. It had some nuance, which I hadn’t really heard from her before tonight.

Megan, although not the best singer in the world, still has a captivating voice to me. I always want to hear what she is going to do next. I really dig her style. I was wishing she wouldn’t have pushed so much when she was singing. But then I realized she was sick. She was probably overcompensating. In fact I know she was. I do the same thing when I have to sing on a sick voice.

Those were my favorites. That’s all I got for tonight. It’s back to adding up receipts for me.