I thought this week would NEVER get here. A 4 month hiatus from Living Proof is too long. TOO LONG I say.

I’m so pumped to get on that airplane this Thursday and head to Tacoma, WA for our first Living Proof Live of the year. I’ve missed my road family. The praise team. The event team. The tech team. The people. Our fearless leader. Everybody. We had a fun and quick trip in February to Houston to minister with Beth there. But this is our first Living Proof Live since November 19-20 in Rapid City, SD. It’s about dadgum time.

And here’s an added bonus to this great week: I’m traveling to Tampa with my pastor to minister at a missions conference together. Ben and I will be at the Global Impact Conference at Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa this Wednesday night. I feel sure shenanigans will ensue.

Traveling with BM1 (Beth Moore) and BM2 (Ben Mandrell) in one week? It’s more fun than my heart can bear.

Will I see any of you in Tacoma? Tampa?