This week was a pretty crazybusy week. I had a great time in Nashville finishing all of the basic tracks for the new project. Under the direction of uber-awesome producer Paul Mills, the guys played more creatively, expressively, powerfully and excellently than I could have ever asked. Fun ensued. And good food, too. Good food ensued. Can good food ensue?

l-r: Alexis Cruz (keys), me, Kevin Perry (guitar), Wes Willett (bass), Bobby Shin (engineer), Paul Mills (producer), Kevin Jones (drums), Matt Naylor (assistant engineer), Blair Masters (keys), Jerry McPherson (guitar)

The experience of making this record has been so different from all of the others in so many ways. I have been at total peace all week…no sleepless nights, so major fretting of keys, tempos or feels. No questioning our song list. I thank the Lord for granting me this peace. And I thank you people for praying for me through these long days.

Not that I was ever in great discord during other projects. Not at all. It’s just that the burden seems lighter this time around. I’m grateful.

Maybe it’s partially due to the fact that I’m…um…older now. More chilled? Maybe. No old comments – those of you out there tempted – you know who you are. :-)

We track lead vocals, strings and choir next week. BIG WEEK! Thank you for continuing to pray for us.

OK…so you people love your hymns. Wow. Between Facebook, twitter and this blog, there almost 400 hymn titles mentioned. I wish we could have a cyber hymn-sing. I’m gonna go look up the ones I hadn’t heard of. And I’m gonna begin to incorporate some of the ones I had forgotten about into my worship planning.

Seems like the most frequently mentioned titles were How Great Thou Art, Great Is Thy Faithfulness and Be Thou My Vision. I’m gonna make a chart of all the ones mentioned and report back to you.

Happy Friday to you!