Hey, friends. Long time no see! I’ve missed you all. All is well here…just been a little covered up with the stuff of life. Good stuff, but stuff nonetheless.

I’ve been away for a while.  I ducked away from this here blog for a minute. Things were so busy with trying to complete the new CD, maintain a busy travel season and everything that comes with that, plan and lead a church worship ministry, and oh yeah: lead/love/cherish my wife and kids as my first priorities. It was a BUSY stretch.

I never dreamed that working on my project in Nashville while living in Jackson would be so draining. It was filled with lots of positives. But the tough side of it was how the traveling and inconvenience of it would drain me emotionally and physically. Tough stuff for this old guy. I had to let go of everything that wasn’t a total necessity and give my best to the most important things.

I’m happy to say that the project is almost completely finished. 3 of 13 songs are mixed. I have one more lead vocal to record. Everything will be totally finished in the next two weeks.

Can I get a what?what? from you people? I’m SO HAPPY to be finished. So blessed and so happy.

In other news, we are in full summer swing here in the Cottrell household. All manner of camps, lessons and gatherings are keeping us (and by ‘us’ I mean my wife) in full-force taxi mode. Kids are having a great summer so far. I don’t think they’ve said ‘I’m bored’ even once. I’d like to see them try to say it. Just try, I say.

They’re in the front yard catching frogs while I write to you right now. They had 5 inside a big box last time I checked. They’re outdoorsy. Like their dad. (smirk smirk)

We are gearing up for the last Deeper Still event ever this weekend. The last one ever. Sad about that. This week’s event is in Louisville, KY. Are you coming? More on Deeper Still in a couple of days.

I gotta sign off. This old man is falling asleep  while he types. I wish I didn’t mean that literally, but I do. Seriously…hunched over my laptop, practically drooling. Papaw needs to get in the b-e-d.

I leave you with a game. Can you find what’s wrong with this picture? This is my family and me at my nephew’s wedding this past weekend:

Study it carefully. Know what’s wrong?

It’s the growing. All the growing. That’s what’s wrong with this picture. I think there must be steroids in the water over here in Jackson. Can they please stop it with all the growing?? :-)

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve missed being here. Glad to be back.