The new CD releases in a week. FINALLY. Making When The Stars Burn Down has been a year-long process. Maybe I should say a long year process. Haha. Either way, it has been one of the most fun creative processes I have ever had in making a CD. For a hundred reasons, this project is special to me. Not the least of which is the fact that this past year has been so fulfilling ministry-wise. Both on the road and at my home church, Englewood. God has been gracious.

There were moments this past year when the pressures of finishing this project, combined with the taxing schedule of my work at church and on the road, made me think I was going to crack. Or crack somebody. But the Lord carried us through. And all in all, the landscape of this year has been pretty great.

I’m so happy to invite you to join us for this event:

The music ministry at Englewood, along with some of my road team, will be doing a release concert, September 17-18 at 6:30. But we’re not interested in “debuting” songs. We are ready to go in. In to deeper places with God in our worship. Corporately. Individually. We’re going to have some powerful testimony. Some reading. Some prayer. Lots of thanksgiving. Lots of confessing who God is. And who we are because of who God is.

It’s going to be a great night. Come join us