I posed that very question on twitter yesterday. We are getting ready to buy a new tv for our house. It’s been a long time…we have never been very tech-saavy with all the latest gadgets. We don’t even have cable, so a super-nice souped-up tv has never been on the agenda. But now it’s time to step up our tv experience, if for no other reason than to amp up on mad mariokart wii skillz, and give them the glory they deserve. 🙂

My friends on twitter wanted to know the results of the unofficial poll I took yesterday. So here they are:

LED fans – 41

Plasma fans – 18

I actually thought it was much closer than that before I counted.

When I walked in to Best Buy to check out the lay of the tv land (before I posed the question on twitter), I was immediately drawn to the LED’s. Much brighter, more crisp, eye-catching. But then when I posed the question of which is better to the guy working in the tv department, he replied with a smug, “Oh, PLASMA. Without a doubt. No question.” And he had quite a flair that seemed to suggest, ‘and if you believe otherwise, it’ll be ok, but you’re an idiot.’

He then began to explain to me the plasma tv’s have color that is much truer to real life. Not over-exaggerated, like the LED. And he told us his close and personal friends Lucas, Spielberg and Bay would tell me the same thing.

“But I like that one,” my wife said, as she pointed to the gargantuan LED in front of us.

“That’s fine. Some people do,” he replied, with the slightest hint of ‘oh brother’ in his tone. And by ‘slightest hint’ I mean ‘overwhelming suggestion.’

I’ve since heard from many folks I trust about the positives of each. Plasma seems to have a truer, less affected color about them. Better motion. Much more realistic in every way. But some folks still worry about burn occurring on the screen. Others said their plasma got too hot. And some said plasmas don’t look bright enough in rooms with a lot of sunlight. Still others say side angles can be troublesome on plasmas.

People who love plasmas seem to think LED’s look computer-generated, they are so bright. Almost too vivid. And motion can be tricky with LED’s. When the motion rate is too high, it gets blocky, jerky, broken up.

I had 3 or 4 of my very close friends – friends I trust immensely – text me and say, “Without a doubt, get a _______. Trust me.” Only they were divided in their answer.

Am I over-thinking this decision? Of course I am. I promise I’m not going to write a book when this big decision is finished. But I did want to give my report to my twitter friends. And thank them (you) for your input. I’ll let you know what we decide.

So, one more time: what do you think? Plasma or LED? 🙂