Hey, friends. I hope you’re having a stellar December. We are a little crazy at the Cottrell house. Crazier than normal, that is. I just finished my last weekend away of the year this past weekend (see the last post ). Our church’s Christmas program is this weekend (more on that in a minute). AND we are moving next week (not towns…just houses). Oh, yeah. And we got kids and jobs and stuff. 

I’m laying here in bed mouth breathing and about to fall over into a dead sleep. But I wanted to A) say hello, and 2) invite you to our program this weekend.

Our church’s Christmas program, This Is Our God, is this weekend (how many times can I use the word ‘weekend’ in one post?), December 10 and 11, at 6:30pm both nights. If you are in the area, we’d love for you to come.

I love my church family so much. Moments like these – the learning, the preparing, the rehearsing, the growing, the laughing, the anticipating, the praying – doing these things with family – it makes me so happy. Even in sheer exhaustion. I love these days. We’re singing some of my favorite Christmas songs this weekend. I hope you can join us. This weekend.

Blessings to you fine people. This (and every) weekend. 🙂