OK. Time for my New Year Resolution list. I think I missed the meeting somewhere where people decided that resolutions were uncool. We’re supposed to call them something else now? The word ‘resolution’ is no longer cool? Fine. Call them what you want. Nevertheless, I am resolving to do these things this year. Or at least give myself to trying…

Ten things I want to do (or do better) in 2012:

1. Be unplugged at home. Phones and laptops away after work until the kids are in bed. We tend to complain that our kids want to be on computers, phones and video games more than they should. I wonder where they got it from???

2. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier.

3. Pray out loud with my wife, kids and friends more.

4. Write and blog more intentionally. This means both my private and not-so-private writing.

5.  Let people who offend me off the hook more quickly (this is a broad statement and a lifetime work…nevertheless, it’s on the list).

6. Write letters and cards weekly. As in – handwritten, not emailed or facebooked. I love getting cards in the mail. Love it. I think everyone does, don’t they? I want to be the guy thoughtful enough to send an encouraging and thankful card every now and then.

7. See movies. Sounds weird, I know. I never, ever see movies. Name a classic….I most likely have not seen it. I love a good movie. I just never take the time to see them.

(The broader discussion here is that I need more margin. More sitting time. More time for recreational, mindless, room-to-breathe activity. I’m on it.) :-)

8. Memorize a book of the bible. 

9. Lead worship playing the guitar. Not all of the time…especially being that I don’t know how to play the guitar. But I really want to learn. So get ready. It’s gonna happen in 2012. At least once. In front of at least one person. :-)

10. Refresh and grow my knowledge of the history of church music. Again, this is a broad statement and a lifetime work. But I desire to be more knowledgeable of roots, routes and roads of the Church before us. Starting with worship in the Word. 

(Speaking of musicians, I am loving doing David: 90 Days With A Heart Like His by Beth Moore again. This is a great daily devotional, attainable and doable no matter how weird your schedule may be. Guys too! Only occasionally is there gender-oriented verbiage. And even those rare times are easy to navigate through. If you are still looking for a good devo this year, try one of Beth’s ’90 Days’ series.)

Make your own list. Give it to a friend. Have check up discussions every couple of weeks. Stay on it. Stay accountable. Stay focused. 

Want to share your list here? Bring it on!