Brace yourself for randomness. And possibly some melodrama. I’ve been pretty introspective today. That always leads to a little melodrama.

1. We had three bags of Golden Flake Sweet Heat potato chips this morning. We have no bags of Golden Flake Sweet Heat potato chips tonight. 

2. I’m concerned about the future of Peyton Manning with the Colts. It doesn’t sit well with me that Irsay fired the Polians without telling Peyton. I hate it when a team doesn’t respect what a franchise player brings to a team for so many years. I recognize that they have to look to the future. But for crying out loud, this dude brought them more than a decade of wins. COME ON. It doesn’t look good, and I don’t like it. #Manningfan

3. I’ve never despised my age. I like my age. But today I don’t like my age. You know why? Because I WANT TO BE AT PASSION 2012. That’s why. 

Seriously, I’ve been preoccupied all day praying for students I love who are at Passion. And for my wonderful boss Beth, who was bringing the Word today. I’m praying these students come back to Jackson with passion for Jesus that will alter the way we worship, study and respond to God. Honest…I’m expecting them to SHAKE IT UP.

4. I’m sad that my kids start back to school tomorrow. And by ‘sad’ I mean ‘ecstatic.’ Oh, yeah baby. I’m going to be a much better parent with them in school a little while. 🙂

In all seriousness, it’s been a sweet Christmas break with the kiddos. Fun ages to do lots of things together we all enjoy. Still, yea for school. 

5. Speaking of kids, random phone pic of the day:

This kid of mine cracks me up. As he sees me pulling my phone out to take a pic, he says, “Hold on. Let me look like I don’t know you’re taking a picture.” Yeah. ‘Cause that’s a normal pose. Funny guy.

6. The oatmeal at Starbucks is muy delicioso. I could eat it every day.

7. My wife made biscuits and chocolate gravy and eggs and sausage for the kids today for breakfast. While I was at work. And did not tell me about it until after it was too late. Should I be angry about this? 😉

8. I can’t believe how much better the NFC is than the AFC this year. The past few years it’s just been the opposite. But this year, I’d say there are 4 or 5 NFC teams better than the best AFC team.

My disdain for the Patriots may or may not have affected that last statement. 

That’s all the random for today. I’m sorry you can never get these two minutes of your life back.  See you soon.