So…I had more to say about tonight’s American Idol episode than would fit on a tweet, so I decided to hop on over to my blog to write. Funny thing, though…I haven’t even been to the blog since January 19. I was locked out of it, and couldn’t even remember my password!

Maybe this is a good way to break back in…some light-hearted Idol chatter. As a matter of fact, it was Idol that got me started blogging years ago in the first place. 

Anyway…hello friends! I’ve missed you.

Here are my favorites from tonight’s Idol, along with some thoughts…

1. Joshua – Crazy Little Thing Called Love – this was one crazygood performance. Everything about it. It’s hard to make a repetitive, up-beat, extremely well-known song sound amazing and completely vocally impressive. But he did it. Just like he did with Runaway Baby a couple of weeks ago. This is his sweet spot. Good grief. Ang and I stood slack-jawed through the whole thing.

2. Joshua – Ready For Love – the run he did on the last “ready-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y for love” was the best run I think I’ve ever heard on Idol ever. He gets my #2 spot tonight for that alone. The whole song was well-paced, to me. He showed restraint in the beginning, which I liked. 

3. Jessica – Dance With My Father Again – this girl’s voice kills me. Such a big voice. And she has so much maturity in the way she shapes her phrases and in the choices she makes with her pacing. She’s so good. And on top of that, I think she has the most potential for success in today’s pop market. We still go back to the recording of a couple of weeks ago and listen to her sing Stuttering. I thought it was perfect. 

4. Elise – I don’t know the name of the song, but they referred to it as the Jimmy Hendrix song – I thought she sounded incredible. The judges disagreed with one another, and I actually agreed with all of them. Like Steven said, I don’t think the song is well-known enough to be memorable to the audience. And like Randy said, she was definitely pretty heavy-handed with it. Lots of big, active singing on a song that seems as if it would be much less like that in its original state. But, like JLo said, she killed it. Her runs were amazing. Her vocal styling was spot on. She attacked it in an energetic, fun and convincing way. She was relaxed and having fun. And I totally bought it. 

I thought all 6 contestants were stellar tonight. But these four were my favorites. I still don’t have a feel as to who is going to make the finale. It’s less clear that it’s ever been in years before, in my opinion. If Phillip can survive this off night, I think he might be the closest thing to a shoe-in for the finale. And for what it’s worth, I think he’s really great. His tone in the center of his range is just awesome. It reminds me of Sting’s tone. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I have never listened to Dave Matthews. My only Dave Matthews experience is seeing him in Because of Winn Dixie. Did I just admit that? Seriously? Anyway, since I never listened to Dave, I don’t join the common refrain of folks who say Phillip is too much like him. 

I thought Skylar and Hollie had great nights, too. Hollie has been strong two weeks running. And I think Skylar has made the most improvement of any of them throughout the competition. Her first song tonight was my favorite of hers of the season.

I’m gonna guess that Elise and Hollie will be in the bottom two tomorrow night, and Hollie will go home. We’ll see. 

Who was your favorite? Who do you think is heading home this week?