Would you mind taking a second to answer these questions?

1. What is your homepage?

2. What are the 5 webpages you visit most often?

3. If you are a church goer, how often do you visit your church website?

4. Does your church website give you valuable information on a regular basis?

5. Do you read the bible online? Do you read devotionals online on a regular basis? What are they?

6. Do you read a lot of blogs? If so, how do you get to them? Do you go to each individual page, or do you use a reader feed system of some sort (like Google reader)? 

Here are my answers:

1. espn.com

2. espn.com, foxnews.com, Facebook.com, twitter.com, Planning Center Online

3. Once every week or so

4. Sometimes

5. I don’t usually use the internet as my source for the bible, but I use it often for daily devotionals. I read both My Utmost For His Highest and Daily Light every day.

6. I check in on 10-12 blogs, and I use Net News Wire to see when blogs update.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!