Our weekend in Colorado Springs was eventful, moving and perspective-changing. Our hearts bled for all of the sweet people who had either lost their homes or had been evacuated, in danger of losing their homes. Never having lived in a place that had seen the threat of a wild fire, hearing the stories and seeing the emotion of those who were presently living it was harrowing and sobering. I listened as one woman described what it was like to watch the flames pour down the mountain in our neighborhood like lava, followed by an atmosphere-engulfing black cloud of smoke that seemed like what she described as “what the end of the world might feel like.” Whew. God bless you, people of Colorado, Utah and everywhere touched by such devastation. And thank you to all of the people who serve tirelessly to bring relief, hope and care to those in need.

Speaking of relief, I am so happy to say that the 4500 attendees of LPL Colorado Springs gave a whopping $85,591 to Samaritan’s Purse, which will go directly to Colorado wildfire relief. And to top it off, Beth Moore and Living Proof Ministries has committed to MATCH that amount. INCREDIBLE. #kingdomwork #teamwork #generositywins

And furthermore, those same attendees sponsored 80 children through Compassion International. These people are GIVERS. Our hats are off to you, fine people. 

God is still God in every circumstance. And He WILL bring beauty out of ashes. If you’ve forgotten that lately, today might be a good day to re-engage your heart toward Him and believe He is who He says He is all over again.

Have a happy day!