Hey, friends. I hope your Monday is off to a great start. I’m not embarrassed in this pic. I’m not hiding. I’m not asleep. But I AM propping myself up. Just every few minutes or so. It was a CRAZY, albeit fantastic weekend.  And I’m good today, even with quite a sangover.  

The simulcast was a high-energy, intense offering this past weekend. And it sure was fun. I followed it up with 4 services and a rehearsal on Sunday. My voice, brain and body are giving me an attitude today. But I don’t care. Jesus gives us what we need. And we spend everything we have on Him. I figure it’s a pretty good trade for us, right?!

We had such a blast worshipping with so many people all day on Saturday. I’d love to hear from you about what the Lord was doing where you were on Saturday. I know for us on the team, we turned our worship into warfare in a lot of areas, and made some biblical proclamations about who God says we are as heirs and as victors.  We had some things going on in our own lives that put us in places of brokenness…you know, the best scenario to confess a desperate need for a God-sized work. 

Many of you have asked for the song list for the weekend. Here you go:

Victory In Jesus (from Jesus Saves Live)

How Great Thou Art

Our God

The Word of God Has Spoken (from When The Stars Burn Down)

Your Great Name (from Shine Out – Live From The People’s Church)

In Christ Alone (from Jesus Saves Live)

You Are Good (from Unashamed Love)

O My Soul, March On (from When The Stars Burn Down)

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Revelation Song

Just As I Am (from When The Stars Burn Down)

Always (from Passion: Here For You)

In The First Light (from Ring The Bells)

I hope this list helps. I will post a video recap of the weekend as soon as it is finished. Have a great rest of the day!