I still find it hard to believe that Living Proof Live has been around for 15 years. Whaaaaaaat? Was I 12 when we started? 

Have you been to a Living Proof Live? Where was it? When was it? Do you remember the Word God gave you? Have any of you been to one every year?

It’s been the ride of a lifetime, these 15 years. And we are excited to celebrate that ride this year…not only what God has done, but also what He is doing and will do.


Are you close to any of these places? Can you get there? I really hope to see you somewhere with us this year. 

Phoenix, AZ March 22-23

Greensboro, NC April 12-13

 Eugene, OR April 26-27

Atlanta, GA May 31-June 1

Providence, RI July 12-13

Sioux Falls, SD August 2-3

Bossier City, LA August 23-24

Charleston, WV September 14

Tulsa, OK September 27-28

Springfield, IL October 25-26

Daytona Beach, FL November 8-9