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Let’s Pick Up The Tempo A Little: Poll Results

I’m always on the hunt for good up-tempo worship songs for church (every worship leader is always on the same hunt). I’ve compiled a list of the ones you all … Read More ›Go to Post »

Let’s Pick Up The Tempo A Little.

Hey, worship leaders… What are some up-tempo, high energy worship songs that are connecting with your people these days? I’m on the hunt for some fresh fast songs. Seriously, I’d … Read More ›Go to Post »

When The Stars Burn Down

The new CD releases in a week. FINALLY. Making When The Stars Burn Down has been a year-long process. Maybe I should say a long year process. Haha. Either way, it … Read More ›Go to Post »

Living Proof Live Columbus

[vimeo][/vimeo] — View Post ›Go to Post »

Deeper Still: Louisville

This past weekend at Deeper Still: Louisville was pretty over the top. Had a great time. It was great nourishment to my soul to serve at this event. We may … Read More ›Go to Post »

Deeper Still

I was there to see 3 decidedly different women’s bible study teachers first come together. Different generations. Different teaching styles. Different audiences. Different in many ways. I saw their love … Read More ›Go to Post »

Living Proof Live Fresno Worship Songs

Following is a list of songs we led at LPL Fresno this past weekend: Our GodSing Sing SingVictory In Jesus (find it here)Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy (find it … Read More ›Go to Post »

A Time To Create

OK. Here we go. It’s time for us to be going back into the studio.  I’m so ready to be in the worship music creative process again.  Watch this video and … Read More ›Go to Post »