Go West, Young(ish) Man

I’m so happy to be heading westward next weekend! Friday and Saturday (October 12-13), we have Living Proof Live Long Beach with Beth Moore. Our events on the west coast … Read More ›

Worship Under The Stars Worship Under The Stars

Got plans for this Sunday night? Come join us for some fun in big J-Town. Big fun, I tell you.  This Sunday at Englewood, we’re having a night called  Worship Under … Read More ›

Living Proof Live Reading, PA / Simulcast

I love these recaps every time. They’re good reminders of the faithfulness of God to always speak to us through His Word when we listen. — View Post ›

Simulcast Sangover

Hey, friends. I hope your Monday is off to a great start. I’m not embarrassed in this pic. I’m not hiding. I’m not asleep. But I AM propping myself up. … Read More ›

Living Proof Live Charleston

One of the best recaps Rich has ever done.  Amazing event. Thank you, Charleston! — View Post ›

LPL Charleston, SC Ticket Giveaway Winners

Hello, friends! Thanks to, we have two winners for LPL Charleston, SC tickets this weekend. They are: Jamie Coll and Deidre! Thank you so much to all of you … Read More ›

Living Proof Live Knoxville Living Proof Live Knoxville

Living Proof Live Knoxville was over the top. One might say (in)CREDIBLE. Sorry…I can’t help but say it. It just was.  My Cottrell family…my Living Proof family…and my Englewood Worship … Read More ›

A New Giveaway – LPL Charleston, SC

Hey, friends. Our next stop with Living Proof Live is Charleston, SC. It’s next weekend – August 24-25. I have two sets of 2 tickets each to give away.  Leave … Read More ›