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I'd Give You the Shirt Off My Back

A couple of weeks ago I flew to LA to sing at the Crystal Cathedral. I was excited. I had been there before, and had a great time singing with their beautiful orchestra. And this time, I was going to get to sing with their choir too. Last time, Angela Bassett was on the same…

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Ringing Bells in Mississippi

Hey friends. I hope you are having a good weekend. I am in Byram, MS, getting ready for tonight’s GLORIA Christmas concert at Country Woods Baptist Church. We have had two good concerts so far this weekend. Had a great time in Morristown, TN last night. It snowed! It was beautiful. My voice is tired…

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One Down.

Last night’s Gloria concert went great. It had its shaky, “first show” moments, but all in all it was great fun. We head to Morristown, TN tomorrow night. Can’t wait. I love East Tennessee. I am going to try to twitter frequently while on the road. Are you a twitterer? Check it out. Shaun Groves…

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A Brief Word

Hey, friends. I have been a BAD blogger this season. I know. I’m so sorry. I want to blog more. In fact, I have an AWESOME story about my journeys this past weekend that I can’t wait to write. But I will have to. I am in rehearsals all week for the Christmas tour, which…

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Happy Thanksgiving Week

Hey, friends. Are you all looking forward to this week? We sure are. We are having some family and friends over for Thanksgiving. I guess there will be 20 or 25 people here. Angela and her mom do some radically awesome cooking, and I for one can’t wait. I am even thinking about chiming in…

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Save The Date

A few weeks ago I referred to some fun ministry plans in the making. I still don’t have a lot of information. But I would like to tell you to mark January 25, 2009 on your calendar. On that night, my team and I will be recording a new live worship CD and DVD. We…

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Chillin' Like A Villain

Good morning, friends. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have been home all weekend, which has sent me over-the-top happy. I love to travel, and I love my calling. But after a really long stretch of hard work, it has been nice to just be home and chill this weekend. Wednesday or…

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