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I Can Hear The Imperial March From Here

Hey, everyone. I am home from Holland. Thank you for your prayers for my family and me while I was away! I have pictures and stories to share, and I will share them soon. First, I have to share this story with you. My wife is so funny. Levi brought a picture of a turkey…

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Survival Kit

I had practice tonight with the Forever Worship band and choir. What a great time it was! I love these people. Let me give you some history. Back in 2005, I got an email from a promoter in The Netherlands who wanted to talk to me about coming over to do a small weekend tour…

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Wow. It's Cold Here, Too. Funny How That Works.

Hey, friends. I made it safely to The Netherlands today. The trip was relatively uneventful and peaceful. I left Nashville at 4:30 and had a layover in Memphis. We pulled out of Memphis at 7:30 Wednesday night, and arrived in Amsterdam 8 1/2 hours later – 10:00am their time. I actually got some good rest…

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Cameron Magee Wins

My buddy Cameron from NW Arkansas left this comment on my “Islands In The Stream” post. Wow. And he wasn’t even born until like 1990 or something. We got served: Wow. You’ve got to be “Working Day and Night” right now, but “Don’t Stop ‘Til you Get Enough” OK? Sorry to hear about Lily Kate,…

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Heading Across The Pond

Well, aren’t you guys just so clever. Your funny 80’s references in the comments were AWESOME. You FUNNY PEOPLE. Thanks for your prayers for Lily Kate. She woke up just fine this morning. Although, she did try to milk it for all it was worth to get out of having to go to school. But…

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Islands In The Stream. That Is What We Are.

Hey, friends. I hope your week is off to a good start. I am feeling like I am back in the land of the living. After the whirlwind stretch of high school reunion weekend going into the New England tour, I was down for the count. I spent most of the week last week staring…

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Heading Home

Good morning. I am in the lobby of the Hilton in Hartford, CT (no wireless in the rooms at the Hilton. Grrrrr.). We head home today…flight at noon. Yessssss. It has been an AWESOME week, but I am glad to be going home to love on my family. I am fortunate enough to usually not…

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