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Go to 50 States: Check.

Hey, everybody. Checking in from Delaware. We are doing well. I slept until almost 10, eastern time. What? I can’t believe it. So glad to wake up on my own and feel rested. For some reason, though, my voice is really tired today. Must have overtalked during our day off. Imagine that. Could also be…

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WAAAY Up North

Hey, friends. Greetings from New Hampshire. We are having a great time on our NEW ENGLAND NIGHTS WITH BETH MOORE tour. Last night was a great night in Burlington, Vermont. And tonight we are in Durham, New Hampshire. So far, both of our cities have been names of cities in North Carolina, so I feel…

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I want to thank my friends Big and Boo for their TOTAL MAEDIA BLITZ of my Christmas CD. They are truly great friends…and their effort to make sure that everyone knows about this project is very humbling. Hey, Big and Boo…Frydaddy thanks you! And I promise to return the favor one day, when you both…

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Hey, friends. Hope you are having a great week. Today is RELEASE DAY! Ring The Bells is in stores today. It’s up on iTunes, too. Woo hoo! Thanks to all of you friends who pre-ordered, and also who downloaded’s currently #4 on the iTunes Holiday album charts. Thank you! I had a crazy weekend…

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Happy Birthday, Boo

Today is BooMama’s birthday. Go wish her a happy one! Hey, Boo..what’s it like up there? You know, in those high digits? PS – I’m getting you and D one of those things in the You Tube video on my last post.

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I will, in fact, be in Birmingham on Sunday. But for all my west coast friends, I will be in San Jose Saturday night with this guy. I think it’s going to be an awesome event. Come join us!

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Coming To The Ham

Hey…all you Alabama friends…I will be in concert this Sunday night in Birmingham, at FBC Trussville at 6pm. We are going to have a great time. If you are in the Birmingham area, come see us. You can come see us even if you AREN’T in the area. One update: all of the green and…

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Crazy Day

Today was Crazy Day at Lily Kate’s and Levi’s school. Or, as we call it at the Cottrell house, just another day.

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