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Thank You!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers for Levi and for us today. Levi came through the outpatient procedure well. He has had a little bit of tummy pain, and isn’t into walking very much yet. But he did manage to force himself to go to Marble Slab Creamery for some ice cream. : >)…

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Levi's Surgery

Thanks for praying for my sweet boy Levi today. He is having surgery to repair a hernia this morning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Hey, friends. I hope you are having a great week. Thanks for your grace while I took a little unplanned blog break. After our fun weekend in San Antonio…WHEW! I was tired. It was an awesome Living Proof Live, followed by 3 services at Oak Hills Church the same weekend (their pastor is some guy…

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A (Really) Bad Mullet Does Not A Bad Singer Make

OK, all you haters. Have you heard Michael Bolton sing When A Man Loves A Woman? Georgia On My Mind? How Am I Supposed To Live Without You? I know, I know. The hair. The poser facial expressions. The whole ‘I Said I Love You But I Lied’ debacle. But, come on. Those are some…

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It's Time

OK. It’s time for me to sort out my thoughts about this. What have I done? Why would I even put my mind to such a subjective nonsense? Who is the best singer ever? What kind of question is that? I loved reading your responses. You had so many great observations and thoughts about the…

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Checking In

Hello, peeps! I hope everyone has had a great week. I apologize for being a slacker blogger this week. It has been a strange week for me. It’s not like I have been completely busy 24/7, but I have had a lot on my plate. I finished up an easter musical that I was writing…

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The Bewildering Call of God

Hey…I hope everyone is having a good week. I am still in Colorado. Beautiful Colorado. I am heading home tonight. This entry from Tuesday’s My Utmost For His Highest was profound to me. Check it out. I hope it will be for you, too.

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Simulcast Recovery

Hey, friends. I hope your week is off to a good start. I spent most of the day yesterday wandering around the house, murmuring monosyllables, gazing pitifully into space, and trying to at least appear engaged in life to my kids so they wouldn’t worry that daddy was going to have to go “somewhere where…

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