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A Message About Living Proof Live Colorado Springs This Weekend

LifeWay Women, Living Proof Ministries along with Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell are inviting those victims and evacuees of the Colorado fires to be our guests, free of charge, at the Living Proof Live event starting this evening through tomorrow at noon at World Arena in Colorado Springs.  Please see the details below about how…

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Questions About Ye Old Interweb

Would you mind taking a second to answer these questions? 1. What is your homepage? 2. What are the 5 webpages you visit most often? 3. If you are a church goer, how often do you visit your church website? 4. Does your church website give you valuable information on a regular basis? 5. Do…

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American Idol Top 6

So…I had more to say about tonight’s American Idol episode than would fit on a tweet, so I decided to hop on over to my blog to write. Funny thing, though…I haven’t even been to the blog since January 19. I was locked out of it, and couldn’t even remember my password! Maybe this is…

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Carpe Diem (April 26, 2009)

(This was originally posted on April 26, 2009 (I also wrote a version of it here). I was reminded of it after a conversation with someone today who was dealing with fear. As I reread it today, I realized I had lost a little bit of my own BRING IT ON in this season of…

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Let's Pick Up The Tempo A Little: Poll Results

I’m always on the hunt for good up-tempo worship songs for church (every worship leader is always on the same hunt). I’ve compiled a list of the ones you all recommended after I made my plea for help a couple of weeks ago. I loved hearing from you all! It helps all of us worship…

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10 Things

 OK. Time for my New Year Resolution list. I think I missed the meeting somewhere where people decided that resolutions were uncool. We’re supposed to call them something else now? The word ‘resolution’ is no longer cool? Fine. Call them what you want. Nevertheless, I am resolving to do these things this year. Or at…

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Brace yourself for randomness. And possibly some melodrama. I’ve been pretty introspective today. That always leads to a little melodrama. 1. We had three bags of Golden Flake Sweet Heat potato chips this morning. We have no bags of Golden Flake Sweet Heat potato chips tonight.  2. I’m concerned about the future of Peyton Manning with…

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Let's Pick Up The Tempo A Little.

Hey, worship leaders… What are some up-tempo, high energy worship songs that are connecting with your people these days? I’m on the hunt for some fresh fast songs. Seriously, I’d be embarrassed if you saw how not-up-tempo my options are!

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Fearless Intention.

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a meaningful and peaceful Christmas holiday. Ours was mostly meaningful, mostly peaceful, mostly fun and mostly restful. Restful, except for the part where we moved 11 days before Christmas day. But even that, although a bit scattered and hectic, would be a stretch to be seen as…

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