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Saturday In The Dark

Hey, everybody. I am sitting in the dark, in the corner of my hotel room in Houston, TX this morning. Angela is asleep, and I am trying not to wake her. We are in Houston for Melissa Moore’s wedding…and we are without kids…so this is Angela’s big chance to sleep the day away. And I…

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All Of A Sudden

Hey, everybody. I hope you are having a good weekend. I have some fun things to blog about, but I am running low on brain cells tonight. And they are dying off exponentially as I am watching the presidential debate. OK…you gotta go listen to the new Boocast, at Boomama or Bigmama. We had a…

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Meetin' With The Mamas

I have big news. I am about to get behind a microphone with Boomama and Bigmama for a special song. Just kidding. For a PODCAST. Yesssssssssssss. You heard me right. I am going to be a special guest on the next Boocast. And as excited as I have been writing songs this week…I gotta say…

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I am writing today, but I had to take a quick break to tell you a cute Levi story. I was driving him to school this morning in the rain. I asked him if he likes the rain. He said yes. I told him I liked the rain because it makes things grow…like the flowers,…

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Hey, everybody! Thanks SO MUCH for your kind words and prayers for me this week. I felt them. I knew the Lord was carrying me through those tough hours of pretty stressful work. I survived. Thank you, Lord. I am going to explain what it was I was doing those days, and how it fits…

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I Missed It

Hey everybody! Don’t tell me anything about last night’s American idol. I had to sing last night (I’m in Atlanta) and I had to Tivo it. Can’t wait to watch it. I would appreciate your prayers for me today. I have a HUGE amount of work to get done today for a project. I am…

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Finally! In A Blogging Mood

Hey, friends! It’s Friday night, and the house is quiet. I just tucked the kids in bed. They went down so easily and sweetly tonight. I won’t say that that is a rare thing. But let’s just say that it is a blessing when they go straight to their nightly tasks with little resistance. All…

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