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Brace yourself for randomness. And possibly some melodrama. I’ve been pretty introspective today. That always leads to a little melodrama. 1. We had three bags of Golden Flake Sweet Heat potato chips this morning. We have no bags of Golden Flake Sweet Heat potato chips tonight.  2. I’m concerned about the future of Peyton Manning with…

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Got Skills?

We’ve been looking to recruit some more people who are in our church to be a part of our growing instrumental team here at Englewood. So Pastor Ben and I thought that maybe our church body would be encouraged by us exhibiting some of our mad training skillz. We hope this effort will not intimidate…

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It Was Pitchy, Dawg

This is a couple of years old, and it still makes me laugh so hard. These are my friends Seth and Kevin and me (along with cameraman Cameron) laughing at ME trying to sing. It’s a take of a vocal I had recorded, and my voice decided to stake an individuality claim on the word…

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