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This List is So (Twenty) Five Minutes Ago

Last year, everybody on facebook posted a list called “25 Random Things About Me.” I really enjoyed reading them. It took me a while to conjure up the energy to write one myself. I finally did. But by the time I was finished, I was too sick of myself to even post it. So I…

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A Little Something To Do In My Free Time

A few months ago, a book publisher called. They had an idea for a book. And they felt the Lord directing them to call me to see if I might be the guy to write it. Um, excuse me? Um…you know I barely even read books, right? Um, you know I say ‘um’ a lot,…

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The Search Has Begun

So, here we are…getting ready to move. We are getting our house ready to put on the market. And we are looking for a place to live in Jackson, TN. You all know how daunting moving can be. But I really don’t mind it too much. I think it can be kind of fun. For…

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Random Pics Day

It’s time for what we like to call Random Pics From My Phone Day. Riveting, I know. View from the front door of my in-laws’ place in Jackson, TN. It was so breathtaking when I stepped outside, I had to take a pic. You can’t see that it was snowing the most beautiful snow in…

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Living (finally) Proof (finally) Live (finally) 2010

Our last Living Proof Live event was in November. Who makes these crazy schedules anyway? I have missed our Living Proof family so much these few months. It’s about dadgum time we ramped it back up. Beth, the LifeWay peeps, and my team and I start off our year this weekend with Living Proof Live…

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Some Glad Morning

Cindy Morgan + Hymns = A Happy Day. Cindy’s new Cd, Hymns: Some Glad Morning, released yesterday. Everybody go and download it. You can get it at her site, or you can get it at or iTunes. I’ve always been a hymn guy. I love me some hymns. And this collection of hymns is…

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The Great Adventure: Lessons Learned

I want to thank all of you who have been so encouraging to us about this great adventure we are in. Those of you who actually made it through that whole long story – wow. Thanks. I think I could’ve cut the word count in half and still have been able to tell the story.…

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Help Haiti Live

Hey, friends. We are in Winona, MS getting ready for a night of worship tonight at North Winona Baptist Church. We are pumped! But if wasn’t going to be there tonight, I would be at home watching Help Haiti Live. Help Haiti Live starts at 7:30pm central, and is a free concert that will be…

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The Great Adventure Recovery Week

Hey, friends! Hope all is well with you. Whew! What a week it’s been. An adventure of its own. Coming down off of the mountain top of the Great Adventure reveal has been relatively harmless…but I’m exhausted, nontheless. The week has been filled with back-to-normal kind of stuff. I’ve been finishing up recording a Christmas…

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