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The Great Adventure, Part 2

This pastor had a vision for his church to do a women’s retreat. He called to see if we had any openings in our calendar for 2010. He said he would take any date we could give. And he also shared some specifics about his vision for the event, all of which I resonated with…

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The Great Adventure, Part 1

Ever since we began in a traveling kind of ministry, I have always thought that at some point I would end up leading worship in a church. It always seemed like it would be the ultimate destination for me. I must confess I never prayed about it, or received that as a word from God.…

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Checking In. And out.

Hey, friends. Hope you all are doing well. I have not heard any news about our little Joseph Wilbens. I am assuming because he lived pretty far north of Port Au Prince that he is OK. As soon as I hear for sure, I will let you know. I know we all are praying for…

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Praying for Joseph Wilbens

One of our little Compassion children is from Haiti. This is Joseph Wilbens. I know you’re praying for the people of Haiti, just like we are. Oh Lord, please have mercy. For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help…

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A Word For This Wednesday

This morning after I walked my kids to the bus stop, I stopped and chatted for a second with one of the moms in our neighborhood, who was parked on the hill, waiting for her boy to hop on the bus. While we were talking, her car cut off. Hmm. Immediately I peaked into her…

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You've Been Quite Fine, 2009

Hey, friends. I hope everyone has had a good Christmas. It went by so quickly, didn’t it? And the thing that always gets me is how once it’s over, it’s OVER. I’m talking, the very next day after Christmas, it feels to me like Christmas is a hundred miles away. So weird. We had one…

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My Kids' Favorite Ornaments

Ok. This is it. After this, I’m shutting up about the ornaments. I’ve officially driven myself crazy. My kids wanted me to tell you their favorite ornaments. This is Lily Kate’s favorite. Ballet shoes. Levi’s favorite – a picture of Flash during his first Christmas. Yes. It says Top Dog. And yes, he is wearing…

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Ornament Of The Day #7

Merry Christmas everybody! I’ve been a little absent this week. I know I don’t have to explain the busyness of Decembers to you. Regular life + Christmas tour = sparse blogging. Sparse a lot of stuff, actually. Like Christmas shopping. And call returning. And fellowshiping. But it’s all good. I am thankful that busy doesn’t…

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