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My Favorite So Far

Hey, friends. I hope you are having a good week. I am still working on my story from my Haiti trip with Compassion International last week. I hope to post it tomorrow. I was going to live-blog during Idol last night, be it was project night at our house (Jack had a big project due…

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I’m home. And I’m alive. Crawling back into real life. One small step at a time. So much to tell you. Will write soon. Can’t seem to add subjects to my sentences. Don’t know why. Wondering. Wandering. Rambling. Hmm. In the meantime, enjoy this very telling picture of me on my last flight home, feeling…

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Heading To Haiti

Hey, friends. I hope all is well. It is quiet at my house right now. My family is at church. I am home packing for a big trip tomorrow. I am heading to Haiti with Compassion International. I am so very excited to be going on this trip! It is an artists’ trip, not a…

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Pray For Gavin

Thank you for your prayers for Baby Gavin. He is having a hard time after surgery. Please read the report here and continue to pray. Thanks so much.

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Prayers Needed

Please go here and pray, pray, pray for this sweet family and sweet little boy. Leave them a note of encouragement if you can. And then go here and see his sweet self. And then pray some more. Thank you. So much.

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Ministers' Wives Conference

In March 2006, I was a part of a Living proof Live conference with Beth that was different than any other I had been a part of before. It was a conference for ministers’ wives only. No guys. No bible study teachers (who weren’t wives of ministers). Beth had a very specific word of ministry…

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