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Mid-Week Chart-Writing Procrastination

Hey peeps. Hope your week is good. We are doing well. Our staycation was fun. It left me with two predominant questions: 1. When can we do it again? and… 2. WHEN DOES SCHOOL START?? : >) I have been a little bit of a bleh blogger lately. I feel the wind gaining in my…

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The Staycation Is Over

Hey, friends. Our staycation is officially over. And reality is settling back in. We sure did have a great week, though. But one update – we got rained out of going to the water park. As we headed over to that side of town, a torrential downpour hit us. And by the time we got…

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A few random thoughts… – After looking at the pics on my last post, I felt the need (and by ‘I’ I mean ‘Angela’) to tell you that (once again) Levi decided he needed a hair cut, and cut a big chunk out of the front of his hair. So, he had about half an…

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4th of July

Hey, everybody. I hope you had a great holiday weekend. We had a busy one…but a great one. We started our STAYCATION on Friday, the 4th. This is our vacation week. We couldn’t really go anywhere this year, so we are taking in some things in this area that we have never done before. And…

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Hey, All You Deeper Still Peeps

Rich, my good friend and awesome photographer at all of the Living Proof Live and Deeper Still events, has made this awesome photo available for all of you who would like to have a picture of our time together at Deeper Still in Atlanta this past weekend. If you would like to purchase one of…

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Ho Ho Ho

Remember last week when I told all the Deeper Still attendees that they should be looking for a gift from me at the bookstore there? Well, my record label printed out some fancy cards to offer a free download of one of the songs from my new Christmas project. The cards were there…I think…but maybe…

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Hey, friends. I’m waiting for enough brain cells to collect before I post a REAL post again. I’m still EXHAUSTED from the weekend…but it was AWESOME one at Deeper Still and First Baptist Cartersville. My kids had a swim meet today, so I spent most of the day at the pool. It’s just as well.…

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