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My Sister's Wedding

Look at this beautiful bride!! That’s my sister Kathy, and her daughter Ashley. It was a great wedding. Possibly the HAPPIEST wedding I’ve ever seen. The room was filled with people who were so thrilled for these two great people. Here they are…Jon and Kathy Younce. This is the whole Cottrell family…minus our Jack (he…

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Dove Awards

Hey, friends. Long time no blog. I apologize for my inconsistent blogging ways. This has literally been the craziest and busiest stretch of my life. I have been waiting for tomorrow to be here for a long time…my first day off in forever. You know we left for London last Monday. Came home on Wednesday.…

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We Are Home

Hey, everybody! We made it home in time to tuck our kids in bed tonight. So glad to be home…and so thankful that our house was peaceful and prayed over while we were gone. The kids were so happy and at rest. There is so much to share – about the trip, and the Lord,…

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Abbey Road Pt. 2

We have had an awesome day. We are rounding third with this puppy. One more song…then we are off to dinner. Angela is asleep here beside my on the couch in the control room. Our body clocks are MESSED UP worse than my final 4 bracket. We hardly know which way is up. But we…

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We Are Here!

We made it to London last night. Our flight was easy and not so long. The airplane wasn’t even half full…so we had lots of room to stretch out. I was inspired by my friend Rich to buy an airplane power cord for my laptop, so I was able to get some work done. A…

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Big Weekend

Today begins a great roller coaster weekend for me. I am singing tonight at the Symphony Hall for an event with Max Lucado. Sandi Patty, Jaci Velasquez and Heather Headley will also be singing. It’s hard to explain what the event is, so I won’t try. Just know it’s an event for bookstore people, publishing…

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Hey, everybody! I can’t live-blog tonight during Idol. I am in the studio cutting lead vocals for the Christmas project. Rats. I am going to miss it so much. It was a blast last week. And next week we will be you know where with you know who (Shmaimy), so I won’t be able to…

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