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Hi There.

Hey, friends. Long time no see! I’ve missed you all. All is well here…just been a little covered up with the stuff of life. Good stuff, but stuff nonetheless. I’ve been away for a while.  I ducked away from this here blog for a minute. Things were so busy with trying to complete the new…

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This Sunday At Englewood

Sunday morning service – You Are The God Who Saves My Savior Lives Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed At The Cross O Sacred Head Now Wounded You Were On The Cross   Sunday night service – Christ Is Risen Psalm 24 Sing Jesus Saves Midnight Cry

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Like Being Hit By A Mac Truck. Or Something Like That.

I have a story. But before I start with my drama-filled narrative, I gotta say that this week has been most excellent. I had a great day at work Monday…good work out-prayer-worship planning time with my pastor…fun day with the worship staff (minus my interns, who are in Italy on choir tour…I wonder what they’ll…

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