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Studio Talk

I am in the studio today. We are cutting orchestra for the Max Lucado project. I am not an orchestrator, so I am phoning it in today in a big way. Not a lot of pressure on me on this particular day. I am just sitting in here listening while the orchestrator (Phillip Keveren) is…

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I'm Back!

Hey, friends! I am so glad to be talking to you again…even though I feel so embarrassed that it has been so long. Thanks for the grace-filled posts on my last entry, which was courtesy of my buddy Russ. I knew it had been a long time since I had posted, but I didn’t realize…

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This Just In From My Friend

A Prayer, by Travis’ friend, Russell Rankin of Thompson Station, TN: Forgive Travis, Father, for he knoweth not what he should doeth. It hasbeen 14 days since he last posted. And while this is an unpardonable sin inthe blogosphere, it is easy fixin’ and forgivin’ for the Almighty. Soconvict him and set his feet on…

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Thanks for praying!

Thanks, everybody for praying for the last two days while I was in the studio. I could feel the prayers going up, and my weary brain being lifted! : >) Everything went well. There is still much to do…we record all of the vocals, orchestra, and other instruments in two weeks, and there is a…

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I Love My Worshipping Friends

I am still trying to recover form the volcano that was Living Proof Live Boone. It proved to be more joy than I could hardly take in. I was going through some pictures from the weekend a second ago (while I am in the studio, where I SHOULD be paying attention, I’m sure), and I…

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One moment of head space

My life is on full tilt at the moment…so many projects in mid-air…so much traveling…so much life. I am sitting out on my porch right now, just enjoying the quiet night. It is one of my first moments of quiet that I have had since this morning. I know you can relate to that. Angela…

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All Hail The Queen

The queen of my life – my beautiful and amazing bride – is having a birthday today. When I married this dream almost 14 years ago – – that was one SERIOUS life-upgrade. Baby – Happy Birthday! I love you! And I’m not going to tell anybody how old you are. Or that it ryhmes…

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Leapin' Lizards

I’m alive, alive, alive, hallelujah… I have been a bad blogger this week…I apologize for the long pause between posts. I don’t guess I need to apologize…I think the posts are more for me than anybody. It has been a nice break, but I have missed the outlet, and the communication. So after church last…

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O Praise Him

I know I am going a little youtube crazy today. But my buddy just sent this to me. Good grief. It is awesome. Just watching it makes me want to stand on my chair and praise Him right now. I think I will.

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