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Busy Week

I am so sad that I haven’t had time to blog this week. It has been a crazy one so far. It’s GMA Week (Gospel Music Association), and I have been busy with that…interviews and shmoozy meetings. It is pretty exhausting. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day, with the week culminating with the Dove Awards.…

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Goodbye-a Sanjaya

It finally happened. And America is breathing a sigh of relief. Sanjaya is gone. And I have to confess, I didn’t see it coming tonight. I thought Lakeesha was a goner for sure. But I stand corrected. I am so excited that Melinda has such an amazing week – again – even on country week!…

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Half-Way Through

I am half-way through a trip that I have dreaded for a long time. Now, I have NOT dreaded WHAT I am doing. I am doing what I love the most on this trip – leading worship. But I have been dreading the actual travel schedule. I left Nashville Thursday morning at 7:30 and got…

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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Modifier

It feels like it has been so long since I have written…it is good to be back to the ol’ blogging board. I was out Friday and Saturday on a field trip with Jack’s class (which I mentioned earlier), and out for most of Sunday at church and at Jack’s bible drill competition (which I…

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Blog Dreamin'

OK, so I missed two of the three people in the bottom three on American Idol last night. But I still get points for predicting Stephanie would be voted off, right? She should have stayed. But this is American Idol. Not a singing competition. A voting competition. This is only day 3 of the life…

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