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Go West, Middle-Aged Man

So, we’re not actually going to the west. But we are going west of here. So I guess that’s westish. The band and I have concerts this weekend – Friday night in Cape Girardeau, MO; Saturday night in Booneville, AR, and Sunday night in Hot Springs, AR. It’s our first tour weekend in a while,…

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Thinking About Home

Hello friends. I hope you all are having a good week. All is well here in the Cottrell household. We are working hard to stay cool…in the literal sense of the word. Summer is great…THIS summer is great…although the heat does have a little bit of an angry edge. My mind is wandering to next…

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Time For A Calendar Meeting

Angela and I have calendar meetings every so often, where we take the family calendar, the school calendar, the church calendar and the work calendar and put them all together. We make sure that we both know everything that’s coming up in all of our worlds. And we make sure that each of us knows…

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