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This Week At Englewood

Sunday morning’s worship:He ReignsHosanna (Praise is Rising)Jesus SavesOur GodMessage – The Road Less Traveled: Simplicity (Luke 12:13-21) Sunday night’s worship – Children’s choirs singing (woo hoo!)Also – Made Me GladThe Solid RockMessage – Journey with Paul: Paul’s Challenge to Spiritual Leaders (Acts 20:25-28) Have a great Sunday!

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Friday Morning

I keep forgetting to tell you this. I’m going to be on American Family Radio tomorrow (Friday) morning. I am co-hosting from 8:45 until 9:30. And then I will be interviewed from 11 until 12. I think they have 200 or so stations across the U.S. They are 88.7FM here in Jackson, TN. After that,…

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I Met An Old Friend For The First Time

This morning I am heading home from a whirlwind trip to Lancaster, PA for the National Worship Leader’s Conference. Great conference. The team and I continued our new pattern of coming in from different places, which still feels a little weird (most of them from Nashville, some from Orlando, me from Memphis). We used to…

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Random Phone Pics: Chicago Edition

This was the sink in my hotel room in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I had to call the front desk to find out how to unstop it. This is one of my all-time favorite dudes, Andy League. He was in my youth choir when I was serving at Two Rivers years ago. He…

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This Sunday at Englewood

Sunday morning’s worship – Made To Worship Praise to the Lord, the AlmightyStillStrongerAt The Cross (Response / Invitation)Message – The Road Less Traveled: Service (John 13:1-17) Sunday night’s worship – HosannaI Will Sing of My RedeemerMighty To SaveMessage – Journey With Paul: Men Who Turned The World Upside Down (Acts 17:15) Tick tock…Sunday’s coming…can’t wait…have…

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Random Thursday Randomness

1. I love Wednesdays. One reason I love them is because I love band practice and choir practice at church. Wednesdays are good. That’s all. 2. Yesterday was no exception, although I did have to go to two places that aren’t exactly bucket list places on any given Wednesday. I had to take my car…

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September 28, 2010

This book is officially available in stores today. The original release date was October 8. But the date got moved up. So today is the day. (It’s also my dad’s 86th birthday. Happy birthday, Dad!) I still can’t believe that the Lord granted me the blessing of putting these thoughts to paper. I’m completely serious…

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Hey, friends. Hope you all are well. We have been on vacation this past week. Had a fun and relaxing 5 days at the beach. Because of our move and all the craziness that it caused, we were unable to have any kind of get-away this summer. So we took the kids out of school…

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