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Simulcast Recovery

Hey, friends. I hope your week is off to a good start. I spent most of the day yesterday wandering around the house, murmuring monosyllables, gazing pitifully into space, and trying to at least appear engaged in life to my kids so they wouldn’t worry that daddy was going to have to go “somewhere where…

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Shark Post FOUND

Many thanks to all of you who tried to help me find my shark post. It actually was gone…as in, GONE. No where to be found. Possibly eaten by a shark. I’m not sure. But thanks to the heroic copying and pasting by Nancy Mattingly, I have it back. Thank you, Nancy!

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Where Did My Post Go?

Something happened to the end of my story about the shark in the ocean. It has disappeared. Does anybody know how that might have happened? Or, how I might retrieve an earlier version of the post?

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I love my iPod nano. And my favorite thing to do with my iPod is to put it on shuffle songs. Songs are put in random order. You never know what song is coming up next. I love it. I feel all nervous waiting to see what’s coming up next. Is it gonna be one…

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National Wildlife Day at the Gulf of Mexico

My band and I were in Florida and Alabama this past weekend. We had a CRAZY GREAT time with folks in both places. We had an outdoor concert at Village Baptist in Destin on Friday night (our thanks to Michael, Amy, Lang and EVERYONE for an awesome event). Saturday, all we had to do was…

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We are in Destin, FL for a concert tonight. I got up early and went and got a surprise for my team this morning. When I got back to the hotel, I plopped myself in the hall of our hotel floor, and texted them this message: Hot Krispy Kremes in the hall. They have never…

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Signs That I Have Been A Little Testy Lately

OK. So I have been a little on edge as of late. Some stress. Some work issues. Some personal issues. You know…life stuff. And I think I may have been a little short with the kids here and there. I knew I needed to take a chill pill when Levi said two things: 1. One…

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Big Day

We had a momentous day at the Cottrell household this week. Levi lost his first tooth. Now, everybody loses their teeth, I know. But there’s something about that younger child who has watched his older siblings lose one tooth after another. When his day comes, it is a big one…and his patience is rewarded with…

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