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We Ducked Away

We ducked away last week. Took a quick trip to the shore, and had probably the best family vacation we’ve ever had. We did a lot of this… …and a bunch of this… …and most definitely a lot of this… We even did some of this… We grinned… …and jumped… …and stole some kisses. And…

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Deeper Still: Louisville

This past weekend at Deeper Still: Louisville was pretty over the top. Had a great time. It was great nourishment to my soul to serve at this event. We may or may not have stood in choir formation to sing at some point. We may or may not have broken out some quartet singing at…

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Deeper Still

I was there to see 3 decidedly different women’s bible study teachers first come together. Different generations. Different teaching styles. Different audiences. Different in many ways. I saw their love for God collide, one with another. It was like a one-two-three punch from the heavens, given through the teaching of the Word of God. I…

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Hi There.

Hey, friends. Long time no see! I’ve missed you all. All is well here…just been a little covered up with the stuff of life. Good stuff, but stuff nonetheless. I’ve been away for a while.  I ducked away from this here blog for a minute. Things were so busy with trying to complete the new…

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This Sunday At Englewood

Sunday morning service – You Are The God Who Saves My Savior Lives Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed At The Cross O Sacred Head Now Wounded You Were On The Cross   Sunday night service – Christ Is Risen Psalm 24 Sing Jesus Saves Midnight Cry

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It Was Pitchy, Dawg

This is a couple of years old, and it still makes me laugh so hard. These are my friends Seth and Kevin and me (along with cameraman Cameron) laughing at ME trying to sing. It’s a take of a vocal I had recorded, and my voice decided to stake an individuality claim on the word…

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