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Today Is The Day

Today is the day. When The Stars Burn Down releases today.  TODAY! I have more to say, but I will save it for later. For now, I needed to just say IT’S HERE and WOO HOO and FINALLY and I HOPE YOU WILL GO HERE AND MAYBE GET IT TODAY. 🙂 Or, of course, go to your local…

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When The Stars Burn Down

The new CD releases in a week. FINALLY. Making When The Stars Burn Down has been a year-long process. Maybe I should say a long year process. Haha. Either way, it has been one of the most fun creative processes I have ever had in making a CD. For a hundred reasons, this project is special…

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Like Being Hit By A Mac Truck. Or Something Like That.

I have a story. But before I start with my drama-filled narrative, I gotta say that this week has been most excellent. I had a great day at work Monday…good work out-prayer-worship planning time with my pastor…fun day with the worship staff (minus my interns, who are in Italy on choir tour…I wonder what they’ll…

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This week was a pretty crazybusy week. I had a great time in Nashville finishing all of the basic tracks for the new project. Under the direction of uber-awesome producer Paul Mills, the guys played more creatively, expressively, powerfully and excellently than I could have ever asked. Fun ensued. And good food, too. Good food ensued.…

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A Man With No Words

That’s me. I have no words to express the gratitude I feel. Which is a pretty ironic statement, considering I’m about to gush about a gazillion words to express how grateful I am for you people. When Angela and I began to pray about launching the Kickstarter program to use as a pre-order / pledge…

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