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I Like Rolls, Too.

Good morning, friends. I am trying really hard not to fall off the blogging wagon again. I am going to write right now, even though I am in full mouth breather mode, still in my pajamas, and with very little motivation to get anything productive done. I refuse to be that slacker blogger of yesteryear.…

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I Got Chiiiiiilllls. They're Multiplyin'.

Sunday morning, I got up at 4 a.m. and headed to just outside of Knoxville for a church’s homecoming service. I’d never been to this church. I was going to be a part of a reunion of sorts of some friends with whom I had travelled many years ago.We were going to surprise our group’s…

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It Comes With A Side Of Ham.

A few weeks ago we all jumped in the car, drove 7 hours to my niece’s wedding in Boone, and drove back home ON THE SAME DAY. Which is always fun for both parents and children. 14 hours in the car. With quietness in dress clothes in the middle to break up the trip. Anyway,…

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Random Thought of the Day

I know they say that a tomato is a fruit, but that just doesn’t sit well with me. Tomatoes sit well with me. But the fact that they are a fruit does not. That’s all I got today.

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Crazy Day

Wednesday was Crazy Day at my two younger kids’ school. Or, as we call it in our house, just another day. Even though they are dressed all crazy, those last couple of pictures give me a lump in my throat. Walking off to the bus stop. All big and independent. Can they please stop it…

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Checking In

Your TV drama show comments were awesome. Thanks for commenting. Lots of you are watching Lost, 24, and House, to name a few. Hats off to those of you who actually admitted that Christy was one of your favorite dramas of all time. That took some guts. I’ve never even laid my eyes on one…

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Drama Free Since '83

I think the last drama I watched regularly on TV was Dallas, and I’m not kidding (and that is another thing that goes on the “What Were My Parents Thinking, Letting Me Watch That” list). TV dramas have never been really appealing to me. I never watched Lost. Or ER. Or Law and Order. Or…

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Sunday Morning Breakfast

Obnoxious Dad was snapping pictures during breakfast this morning. I’m trying to think of clever pirate-talk jokes here. But I’m too worn out. All I can come up with is a half-hearted reference to headin’ to church in the good ol’ gospel ship. Brush yer teeth and get yer bibles and head to yer car,…

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Random and Unrelated Things

I just grabbed my computer as quickly as I could, and headed to the back porch. I had a wave of “I think I could blog right now” come over me. So I thought I’d better strike while the blogging iron is lukewarm. I don’t have anything in particular to write about today. But I…

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