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Can I get a What?! What?!

Woo hoo! I’m back! And I’ve missed you. So for all three of you that missed me back, we can resume our blog community, if you can still love me after my long absence. After a tremendous work load, a dead computer, spring break, and a thousand other things, I am happy to be back…

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Heading to CA

I’m singing (SIX MORNING SERVICES) at Crystal Cathedral this Easter Sunday. My whole family is going with me and I’m so excited to be getting away with them. I wanted you to know that I have already packed. Thank you and amen.

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A Caption Contest

Hey, friends. Go here, write a funny caption, and win a free bible study. Guys, you could win it for your wives, or moms, or sisters, or some awesome gal in your life. Happy Tuesday to you…

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Almost Ready…

…to come out of hiding. I’m in Knoxville for a concert tonight…at a church I fell in love with this morning. Then I’m coming home for 2 more days of finishing up the new project. Then…I will BREATHE. And LAUGH. And PLAY. I’ll be back soon…thanks so much for your prayers. I feel them…

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Still Treading

Still treading. Still needing prayers. Computer has crashed twice. Lost some stuff this last time. Unexplainable back pain hit me yesterday while singing in Kentucky. The pain is still with me. Still have to finish the new project this week, and the work load is literally more than I can handle in the natural realm.…

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Treading Water

Live CD deadlines + Live DVD deadlines + taxes to prepare + computer in the shop for 7 days = no blogging for a little while. I am sorry to be a blogging delinquent. I will be back soon. Thanks for your prayers for us during this crunch time. 🙂

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Checking In

It’s 4:47am, and I am about to the hit road to the airport. I’m just stopping in to say hey. Idol was good last night. Sometimes Carrie Underwood’s voice is so good I can’t even believe it. That duet with Randy Travis was more than my mind could take in. That’s slightly melodramatic, probably because…

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Idol Recap: Top 11

I have no business blogging tonight. There is too much to do. I have to get my taxes ready for my tax guy. You know…the tax prep prep. Chances are good I will be pulling an all-nighter tonight or tomorrow, because I hit the dusty trail to Dallas on Thursday morning. (And then on to…

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