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2 Much 2 Say

I have so much to blog about. But I only have a second, and wanted to let you know that I am leading worship at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN (just north of Nashville) this Wednesday night. The service is at 6:15. While I am at it, I will let you know that…

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I Have One Ticket

Hey, everybody! I bought a ticket for our babysitter’s mom, and she is sick and can’t make it. If you know anyone still looking to buy a ticket for Deeper Still this weekend (in the Sommet – the main arena), I have one. Comment on this post if you or someone you know wants it.…

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Fun Friday

Hey, friends. Friday was another great day here at the beach. We spent a lot of time at the ocean… and in the ocean… Again today there were no jellyfish! We were so happy. They all must be deeper still… harharharhar. We built a sand castle. And posed. Then we went to the bay side…

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Top Ten Day

Today was a banner day at the beach. We had so much fun all day long. I’m talking one of the best days I have ever spent at the beach. And I have spent countless days at the beach in my life. We rested. We played. We ate. We rested some more. We played some…

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At the Beach

Hey, everybody! I hope you are having a good week. We are having a great time at the beach. Lots of sun, lots of water, lots of sleep, lots of good food. As soon as we got here on Monday, we headed straight for the sand. We found lots of shells. We also found lots…

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Providence, RI

I have been so excited about this weekend for a long time. I am in Providence, Rhode Island for a Living Proof Live weekend. The last Living Proof Live weekend was back in May (remember – in the great town of Boone, NC). It has been too long to wait for another one. Our Living…

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Party Pics

OK…so I am shameless. But I have some pics of Lily Kate’s party to post. Here is the whole fam… And here is the birthday girl…soaking in the joy of everything being all about her for a day… Every present…a new joy… Notice I’m not mentioning the crown. It’s because it’s an everyday accessory… All…

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High School Musical 2

Hey everybody! So, tonight was the big night. High School Musical 2. I “watched” it with Lily Kate and 5 of her friends, over here for her 7th birthday slumber party (her birthday is Tuesday). I am currently on patrol, making sure these girls (and a precocious little brother) go to sleep with a minimal…

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