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Half-Way Through

I am half-way through a trip that I have dreaded for a long time. Now, I have NOT dreaded WHAT I am doing. I am doing what I love the most on this trip – leading worship. But I have been dreading the actual travel schedule. I left Nashville Thursday morning at 7:30 and got…

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Reaping and Sowing

Angela and I had to be at church at 7am yesterday. We sang for all three services at our church. It was a long day, but it was a lot of fun. We love our church, and yesterday was an awesome day. All that to say, after church, we were exhausted. We came home, had…

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Happy Ice-ster

Hope your Easter weekend is awesome and God-filled, even if it is cold! We have had a great weekend. Yesterday, we had Jack’s 10 year birthday party. Pirates were in abundance. I have to say, my wife can throw one heck of a party. She had so many great things for the kids. They made…

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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Modifier

It feels like it has been so long since I have written…it is good to be back to the ol’ blogging board. I was out Friday and Saturday on a field trip with Jack’s class (which I mentioned earlier), and out for most of Sunday at church and at Jack’s bible drill competition (which I…

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Night-Time Prayers

So many things to talk about tonight. I am doing my best to filter as I sort of “stream-of-consciousness” write. And as I sit here in our den writing, Lily Kate’s High School Musical CD is singing through the house from her bedroom. And I am so embarrassed to say that I am a sucker…

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Living Proof Live Bossier City

What a great time we had in Louisiana this weekend. Good grief, what a great and encouraging teaching from the Word. THUS FAR THE LORD HAS HELPED US. I walked away with so much from the teaching. One of the biggest words for me was that we are not always guaranteed that the brook the…

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Louisiana with a banjo on my knee

I am in Louisiana right now for a Living Proof Live with Beth Moore. We got here early this morning, did our sound check, headed to lunch, and are now resting and getting ready for tonight. It has been a full but great day so far. My sister Kathy is a music teacher. And she…

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