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This Sunday At Englewood

Sunday morning service – You Are The God Who Saves My Savior Lives Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed At The Cross O Sacred Head Now Wounded You Were On The Cross   Sunday night service – Christ Is Risen Psalm 24 Sing Jesus Saves Midnight Cry

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It Was Pitchy, Dawg

This is a couple of years old, and it still makes me laugh so hard. These are my friends Seth and Kevin and me (along with cameraman Cameron) laughing at ME trying to sing. It’s a take of a vocal I had recorded, and my voice decided to stake an individuality claim on the word…

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Living Proof Live Fresno Worship Songs

Following is a list of songs we led at LPL Fresno this past weekend: Our GodSing Sing SingVictory In Jesus (find it here)Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy (find it here)Revelation SongAll My Fountains (pre-order it here)In Christ Alone (find it here)Victory ChantI’m Changed (pre-order it here)The Solid RockYour NameIn The First Light (find it…

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Happy Birthday, Jack!

Today is our firstborn son’s birthday. Jackson Travis Cottrell is 14 today. What a joy it is to be your dad, Jack. Your mom and I are so crazy about you. Completely eaten up with seeing to it that you walk in everything the Lord has for your life. We pray the Lord will grant…

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Time For A Calendar Meeting

Angela and I have calendar meetings every so often, where we take the family calendar, the school calendar, the church calendar and the work calendar and put them all together. We make sure that we both know everything that’s coming up in all of our worlds. And we make sure that each of us knows…

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Like Being Hit By A Mac Truck. Or Something Like That.

I have a story. But before I start with my drama-filled narrative, I gotta say that this week has been most excellent. I had a great day at work Monday…good work out-prayer-worship planning time with my pastor…fun day with the worship staff (minus my interns, who are in Italy on choir tour…I wonder what they’ll…

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