Post Number One!

Post Number One!

I am jumping in to this blogging generation finally…after being a blogger wannabe for more than a year now. I started reading some blogs a couple of years ago, when I stumbled on some fun blogs looking for American Idol info. Truthfully, some friends and I were looking for some mp3’s of some people on American Idol a few seasons ago who were so bad, we wanted to hear them again for the laugh (mean spirited, I know). I found myself going back to a few of those blogs just for the easy and fun read…about nothing in particular.

Then I began to stumble on to blogs here and there…many of which would inspire and teach me…but most that would just give me something light and easy to read and enjoy.

It seems to me as I approach the venture of writing down (hopefully) daily thoughts and experiences, it is more for me than anyone else. I am not very well spoken, and I have always been insecure about writing, teaching, speaking, or communicating anything that I couldn’t hide behind or bookmark between songs. But there is something appealing to me about getting some things down on paper, like an open journal, and having the chance to occasionally dialogue with some people about life and living.

As a 37 year-old husband and dad of three, I am going to try to keep my exclamation marks and “awesome’s” down to a minimum.


OK, now that I am done with initial disclaimers, let’s jump in…because YOU KNOW what I have been doing on this Tuesday night…American Idol, baby! (exclamation mark #1)

Let me just say that I am hopelessly addicted to this show, and have been since the very beginning. Now I thought I wouldn’t be able to take it anymore after last season, when we gave ourselves over to it completely on Mandisa’s behalf. That about wore me out. And seeing it through the eyes of someone in the smack dab middle of it tainted it for me…or so I thought. But here I am again, sucked in for the 6th season in a row. Once again, I am gathered around the tv…this week, with Angela, the kids, and Angela’s dad and stepmom…phone in hand, getting 5 or 6 texts from friends after every performance. And I just can’t tear myself away.

I have to say that it seems like a weaker year than most, which you know by now. But I do really enjoy hearing 4 or 5 of them. Melinda, of course, is rightfully ruling the roost this year. Listening to her sing every week is like watching a master class in singing. She is one of the best vocal technicians I have ever seen in my life. I hope she wins.

Also high on my list is Blake. This dude is killer. I would buy his record and see his show tomorrow. Although he is a reminder of how uncool and old I really am.

Next in line for me are Jordin Sparks and Chris Richardson. Love both of their voices. I can’t find a lot of people who like Chris’ voice as much as I do. I am always a sucker for than kind of pop voice – real thin timbre, great runs, a lot of vocal agility (which I do not have, Anthony and Seth!) (exclamation mark #2). I think he is a great singer.

Same with Jordin. I don’t think she has yet to be as good as her original audition. But tonight was close. She killed. Love her.

LaKisha is great. But, I can’t help but feel we have seen the best of her. I don’t know. I could be wrong. But she is starting to dissapoint me just a little. Maybe she will come back next week.

I am enjoying this season especially because my kids are, for the first year, really involved in watching it. Of course, they watched Aunt Disa on it last year. But this year they are focusing in on their own favorites, and blurting out their opinions every week, which is fun.

OK, enough about Idol. I am going to close out this post number one. It has been fun. I can already tell I am going to battle oversharing. And I am going to have to deal with wanting to choose posting over sleep. Can’t do it. I am too old. And the morning comes too early. Thank the Lord this is spring break week and my kids (and I) can sleep in. Give Him praise.


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